About Me - NR Photography

Hi! My name is Nore...

and well...

The truth is there's not much I have to say about photography that hasn't been said already.

Every photographer out there repeats the same thing over and over..

" I love photography " of course you do! Why else would you do this?

" I'm so creative " of course you are! How else can you do this?

I honestly never set out to be a photographer; I just kind of...fell into it. 

I didn't realize how important a single photo could mean to me until the day came where the person in the photo had passed away.

That's when it changed me; it did something to me.


It froze a moment in time for me.

My own personal memory capsule that contained all these wonderful feelings.

I felt so overwhelmed to share it with those closest to me so they could feel the same joy it brought me.

That's the moment I fell in love with photography

We all love how everyone smiles and say "cheese!" for the camera
but when we reminisce and are able to look back on those moments.
That's when we truly appreciate photography.

Its all about capturing & sharing your closest memories with those you love.

So just take a moment and think...

Who would you like to remember when all you have left are the memories?

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